As in Strömsö

We have a televisio program called Strömsö, where everything seems go smoothly, everything is success, no matter what they do. So we have saying as in Strömsö.

Well, today nothing didn’t go as in Strömsö.

First thing that failed, was developer. I got dish for developer, wash it, but not with battery water, fail. Got lot of track to plate, so not acceptable plate.

Second one then. The thing was, collodion used in first plate finished, so I need to estimate new exposure time, as I moved also lights, cause typewriter hadn’t enough light at the first plate. Anyway, with a knowledge that I have, I estimated time to be 5 sec less than with first plate, witch was really good estimate. But.

The but was, when I tried to release plate holder from a camera, it was stuck, lever that holds the plate on a camera, didn’t move, So i was forced to remove whole back with plate holder to darkroom. I managed to remove the plate holder at the time being, but it was fired little bit too much and got some scratch also on it. So it was also ruined.

Then third plate, good thing was that now I knew the correct exposure time (35sec was really perfect), so I made third one, pour developer and guess what? Should check wether camera was moved during I tried to get plate holder from a camera, yes it was moved, so also third plate was ruined and the last thing was that I relied I hadn’t any battery water anymore. So, end of the story for today.

And icing on, I forgot to add the beard gallery photo as I promised on a last post.

Play it again Sam

Yes, I remember someone said so, too lazy to Google who, but anyway.

Last weekend, actually it was weekend before that, it doesn’t matter actually. Anyway, I made some photos, couple of for beard gallery and one for other purpose, more to come about that later.

It was again really nice to make some photoshoot, especially with people. Wet plate is on it’s own, when “shooting” people, some does other photos also with it, but not me, not yet so much.

But today, I need to go and “take” one more plate, taking is not correct word, hopefully I can get proper photo, at least I have my second muse with me (out dog). But before hat, I need to make some maintenance to silver nitrate.

Here one photo from last photoshoot. Oh gosh, forgot, that the photo is not here at home computer at all, so I will upload that later, sorry 🙂