Who am I



My name is Raimo Dahl and hopeaajavaloa.net blog idea is to tell something about myself as a photographer, black and white photography on my point of view and how I do it.

I will also write about alternative techniques I will try to, I will write only about B&W photography as that is what I like to do. I do own also one digital camera, but this blog is only about B&W. Some writings will tell about camera making, I have one project ongoing, so called Ikeahack camera with old Petzval lens adapted from Lanterna Magica.

I have drawn, painted with watercolor, but I have learned, that photography is best way for me to express myself. I will show some of my photos on a gallery.

I will also write about wet plate photography, which I have now learned couple of years,¬† tintypes, ambrotypes. Hope you like my blog, please don’t hesitate to comment. At the moment I’m photographing almost only using wet plate collodion and I like it ūüôā


– Raimo Dahl


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